I don’t know about you, but I often see people with bad skin and I want to say, ‘Hey, I know how to help you clear up your pimples,’ but then I chicken out. If I’m lucky, I’ll see them again and I’ll sometimes muster up enough ‘umph’ to tell them about Ninja and why I originally started an acne clinic in 1989 because of my own bad skin.

They look at me like I’m nuts – and I immediately think I’ve hurt their feelings, but usually they’re looking at me like that because I don’t have any pimples and they can’t believe I ever suffered from acne. That’s the whole point now, isn’t it!?

Well, the other day I saw a younger, very pretty girl wearing LOADS of bad makeup to cover up her acne that did not match her skin tone or color at all. It made her skin look orange and kind of pink. I was arguing with myself about telling her that I could make her a non clogging custom-blended color that would actually MATCH her skin tone and also offer her a treatment to clear up her skin…but I chickened OUT! What’s new?

Because we have many clients who wear foundation, it occurred to me that some may not be using our custom blended liquid makeup and may be walking around with a mismatched face and neck as well! Egads!

So, if this is you, and you’re up for trying a sample of our liquid custom blended makeup to see how you like matching, just let me know! All I need is a picture of your face. You can either text or email it to me. The best method to take a picture is indoors, standing next to a window on a sunny day, taken without a flash and not in direct sunlight.

Why our acne makeup products are better than other options:

– 100% guaranteed not to clog your skin
– Non irritating and safe for all skin types
– Will not interfere with your anti acne treatment
– Smooth finish and can be layered for heavier coverage as/if needed
– ACTUALLY MATCHES your skin!!!

Although, I hope you’re not needing to use too much makeup these days because your skin is clearing up! If that’s not the case, then please contact me to discuss a different treatment strategy for preventing new breakouts.

Who knows, I may see that orange makeup girl again, and this time I promise myself I’m going to offer to help her out!

Just say no to bad makeup color. Get a free sample of our custom-blended makeup today!

This free custom blended makeup sample offer is only valid for clients who have not tried our makeup.


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