Fighting Acne - Let the Battle Begin!

GETTING A CLEAR UNDERSTANDING ON APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS - why it’s super important to follow your personalized skincare routine when fighting acne.

We recently uploaded product instruction pages to our site in the ‘About Ninja’ drop down menu so anyone can access our instructional inserts at any time. We normally send these with the products and first-time orders but we often get requests for replacements. Some people forget what their official “routine” should be when. They may be having a hard time explaining to their kids why it's so important to be consistent with their topical medications when fighting acne. Or they may need better instruction on exactly where and how to apply the medications to their face.

Our inserts are filled with really valuable information for anyone using Ninja Skincare products. Check out the forms here. It's really cool because you can click on them to enlarge and also to print them out!

The primary purpose of this blog post is to (gently) remind everyone of a few pointers about our tried and true skincare routines while fighting acne. These pointers are why our treatment has remained the most effective, time-tested solution for acne over the past 28 years when Pamela opened her first teeny tiny shop in the Bay Area.


Consistency is really the key to life, isn’t it? We have found it to be the case in relationships, professional life… our efforts in the garden… everything! The same goes for doing battle against acne. We’d like to remind you that sadly there is no cure for acne. Anyone who tells you they have one is either telling a mighty tall tale or they don't know what they're talking about! The only thing you can do is to either outgrow it (YAY!) or keep it at bay with a preventative treatment; in walks Ninja Skincare wearing a dashing cape offering our award-winning topical products! What that means is once you are seeing positive results on your skin you have to keep using your products even if you’re thinking, “Hey, I'm cured!” Otherwise in a few months, you will start breaking out again just like before, and starting fighting acne all over again. That’s because when you let your treatment lapse it allows new pimples to form from the trapped dead skin cells inside the hair follicles. Bummer! So the take home message here is: You must be consistent with your skincare routine even when your skin has cleared up. And yes, as much of a pain as it is to get them to do it sometimes, even your kids must be consistent to get the best possible results to help their self esteem. If you get home late and don’t feel like doing the routine, your skin might just rebel with a nice pimple. When you make your skin a priority, you will see the results you want - much clearer skin with fewer marks and more refinement.


Face it, it's hard to follow directions but for some it's more difficult and unfortunately, they pay the pimple price. Some people might only do the evening routine but don’t do the morning one because they wake up too late or they want to apply makeup and don't like how it goes on over certain products. Or they might not find the time to do the mask as often as it’s been recommended. Or… this is a big one… they decide that instead of applying the medication all over their faces as directed which prevents new pimples from forming, they only use it as a spot treatment and then wonder why they can't get a handle on their breakouts. Another very important ‘rule’ to follow is not to mix other products with ours since those other products often contain clogging oils that stop our topical medications from working as effectively.

We’ve come up with all our instructions not because we want to torture our clients but because after 28 years, we know they work while fighting acne. That’s why after all these years we've barely had to use our money back guarantee!


Our last piece of advice is likely the most important and special to us. We believe we’re the most effective topical treatment for acne on the market today. One primary reason is we offer a unique product that is unlike others available. Because of our small batch production we don’t have to add clogging oils as preservatives, making them more potent and extremely effective.

But really the main reason why we’re the best product on the market has to do with our dedication to our clients and their skin. Did you know your skin will change with time and may also become accustomed to certain products over time? That is why we want to periodically hear from our clients. We use these check-ins to determine if it's time to adjust their daily skincare routines, increase or decrease the strength of the topical medications they’re using and make sure they're still seeing positive results. So, if you’re starting to break out and you're thinking, oh no, time to move to another brand - DON’T! Most likely we need to follow up with you and reevaluate your routine and review any lifestyle changes that may be aggravating your acne. We are ALWAYS available for you - call or text us at 925.933.8425 or email us. We don't know of another skincare company that actually pleads with their customers to stay in touch!

Thank you for your continued loyalty over the years. We take great pride in our clients’ clear skin and improved self esteem and look forward to helping you for years to come.

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