Skepticism - How to know which acne products work

We recently got this comment from a potential customer.

I'm a little skeptical about purchasing another skincare "system." The last two that I've tried (the first for anti-aging, the second for acne) have caused more problems than they've solved. In fact, I'm recovering from a rash caused by Rodan + Fields Unblemish regimen at the moment, so it seems my skin is a bit sensitive to some of the harder ingredients. I learned about Ninja Skincare from some of the comments on the R+F customer review page-- customers who had a lot of trouble with R+F like I have reported much better results with Ninja. So I'm contacting you for a consultation, but please know ahead of time that I'm very wary about making another big investment in products for my face, even though I'm having a lot of problems with acne.

We thought that Pamela's response to the comment was so great, we would make a blog post from it.

Her response:

I have to say that I totally agree with you. I think it's healthy to have skepticism when you've tried so many things and they have not worked. I would be too!

I don't know how much you read on our site about how our products are formulated, but the bottom line is we do not add oils that clog/stick to your skin and also do not add interfering oils to our topical medications. Seems so logical - but you'd be surprised to know that even the prescription topical medications are full of clogging oils. The label 'oil free' doesn't mean anything - it's so much fluff. NOTHING is oil free except water - and what does that do for your skin? There are safe and bad oils - it's up to the manufacturer to make good oil products - and that's what we do.

I've had acne since I was 10 - well actually slightly before that - but that's when my mom took me to the derm and I was on antibiotics pretty much straight through (except a couple of summers when I had too much sun) until I was 25. I'm probably older than you are - so I was in college when accutane was coming out - and seriously considered it. Back then they were dosing people like rats - way too much of the drug and having really bad side effects. Hey...let's launch a new drug for acne and push it through the FDA and then learn about proper dosing as we're making lots of money on all the people out there who are taking it for their acne as a last resort...sounds like a nice plan to me. AND if that's not enough - they later find out that it can cause all types of mental issues for people too...just what a person who is feeling like dirt because their skin is breaking out needs - to feel suicidal. I could go on - but i won't.

OK, so that's the story here. I have pimples - I still break out here and there - but it's rare - extremely that's why I know I'm still acne prone as a 53 yr old. I NEVER skip using my topical meds and keep plugging away to help others with our proven products.

It's really not glamorous - use the right combination of ingredients (oils too) on the skin, remove the trapped dead skin cells in the hair follicles and voila - you can prevent most breakouts. Nothing cures acne - but we can sure make it so no one knows you have 'acne' - maybe just a spot here and there.

Let me know if you have any more questions. If you were to order, I'd need to know more about your skin and then I'd want to set up a treatment plan for you - and explain everything to you...why I recommend products and how to use them.

Hope that I've helped you.


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